Point of Sale Solution for Shops and Restaurants

SellWell POS

Welcome to the SellWell POS site. This site attempts to uncover every detail about how SellWell POS works and how you can extract the maximum value from this program.

We have been exploring the ways of producing a program that can really be helpful to someone who has a small shop and wants to get the most of his or her iPhone and iPad.

SellWell logo SellWell POS is a new name of the program titled Point of Sale. At this point, we are giving it a name which relays its purpose. We are also introducing a new logo to state who our target audience is and to emphasize our attitude through a signature which symbolizes our commitment and responsibility.

SellWell Restaurant logo SellWell Restaurant POS is another kind of Point of Sale. It is targeted to fulfil business needs for POS used in the Restaurant.

Although there are many ways how software can assist in sales, stock control, reporting, data synchronization, customer management, accounting and many other aspects of running a small shop, we focus on one of the most essential parts of work: the point of sale.

We are guided by a bunch of very simple principles that we believe will result in software that you will find useful and reliable:

  1. Everything should be on your device. Well, it is very helpful to have data on some server or in the Cloud where they are stored safely. But there is an overhead: you always have to be online. With everything on your device, you simply don't have to worry about it. Whenever you launch SellWell you know that there will be no surprises.
  2. SellWell is an open product. And we mean open in a broad sense: we tell what SellWell is (and what it is not) and how to use it; we inform what issues we encounter and what we plan to implement. We are looking forward to receiving your ideas, cricism and impressions.